Unlock “8 Things God Wants To Do For You!”

Abraham Lincoln famously said, “ In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years! He’s right. And I have great news.God wants to put real life in your years. We’re living in one of the most challenging seasons in history. Political, social, economic, and religious tensions seem to be tearing at us. That’s why we’ve created this brief series of 5 minute videos entitled, “ 8 Things God Wants To Do For You!”

Our Presenters are:

Dr. Jesse Wilson. Director of the Bradford, Cleveland, Brooks Leadership Center
Ms. Liz Adams. Oakwood University Religion Major
Dr. Melvyn Warfield. Senior Pastor of the Community Praise Church
Special Guest! Dr. Barry Black. United States Senate Chaplain

 These speakers will explore 8 things that God offers that can literally turn your life around. So let’s get started! The 8 video series is FREE and you can sign up right now below. We know that you’ll be blessed by this exciting new series.