Welcome to the Elders of Excellence Local Elders Training 2024!

“Our first duty to God and our fellow beings is that of  self-development.” Ellen White, CH 107


Enjoy a 6 month training experience that will equip you for effective service

Two innovative 6 month sessions
Two training sessions a month
Private Facebook resource page
Network with local elders from around the country
Unlimited access to all training archives

Four Foundational Modules

Church Growth and Evangelism
Pastoral Ministry
Leadership and Administration
Our goal is make this training accessible to every local elder. Registration is based on church attendance not church membership. One registration fee provides access to ALL local elders for the full 6 month session.

1-50 Church Attendance: $250 or $49 per month

51-100 Church Attendance: $500 or $89 per month

100 plus Church Attendance: $750 or $129 per month

1-50 Attendees Monthly Payments
50-100 Attendees Monthly Payments
100+ Attendees Monthly Payments
Individual Attendees Monthly Payments
1-50 Attendees Full Payment
50-100 Attendees Full Payment
100+ Attendees Full Payment
Individual Attendees Full Payment